A Blank Check Tax Hike with Zero Accountability: No on Measure A!



Both Parties Agree!

Measure A is so bad that both the San Diego Democratic Party and the San Diego Republican Party are opposing it and urging you to vote NO on Measure A!

Measure A is a Fraud

Demand A Better Plan

‚ÄčInstead of giving politicians a blank check tax hike, we demand accountability for where the money will be spent: traffic relief and road repairs.

Measure A contains a "blank check" tax increase for county politicians but provides zero accountability for how the money will be spent.  Read more flaws in Measure A....


Hurts Working Families

The big tax hike in Measure A is regressive and hurts working families the most.


The politicians and special interests behind Measure A are running a deceptive campaign to get your money.  To defeat Measure A, we need grassroots supporters like you!  Join us today!


False Claims

Measure A backers are deceptively promising traffic relief and road repairs - but have been called out for their deception by independent groups.

Join the Campaign

No Accountability

Measure A contains zero accountability for where the money will be spent.